PIVOTSTACK is now Rnked

A season for change.

October 13, 2015.

This October marks year number two that the team at PIVOTSTACK has been in passionate pursuit of making life easier for Marketing and Advertising agencies.

We absolutely love what we do. But we won't lie; it's been a tremendous amount of work. We've had successes and we've had failures. We've learned a lot. A lot!

One major thing that we've learned is that when you are truly focused on serving a group of people, change is more than a component; it's the fuel that propels everything forward. We've learned to embrace change, and we want to announce two major changes for PIVOTSTACK.

The team at PIVOTSTACK has always been focused on serving first. Of course we started with an idea for a product; but our priority has always been the Marketing and Advertising agencies that we serve. It is their feedback and insights that have lead the development of our product and guided our business decisions. Our first goal hasn't been to create amazing software - it's been to make life easier for Marketing and Advertising agencies. In the end, that will result in amazing software.

It's with these things in mind that we want to announce two major changes for PIVOTSTACK.

The first announcement is that PIVOTSACK will now focus on just one area of making life easier for agencies. We've loved tackling the various aspects of agency life, like operations, finances, analytics and content management. However this approach has caused us to become scattered. Nobody does their best work when they're spread too thin. We certainly don't. We do our best work when we're all focused on one thing. So from now forward, that one thing is agency SALES. The entire team at PIVOTSTACK is now focused exclusively on generating high quality traffic and leads for Marketing and Advertising agencies.

That probably leaves you asking... "How are you going to do that?" ... which leads right into our next announcement.

PIVOTSTACK will now be known as Rnked. Rnked ranks businesses based on their online presence (websites, social accounts, etc.). We have taken all of the awesome analytic technology that was driving the PIVOTSTACK monitoring and reporting tools and have made it publicly available. Our systems automatically scan businesses across many sectors and categories. We score them. We rank them. Business owners are then able claim their profiles to receive regular reports that detail how they rank against their competitors. They are also offered suggestions for how they could improve their rank.

This is where Marketing and Advertising agencies come in. As an agency you are able to sponsor these reports and offer your services to help businesses improve their rank. This is how we can bring highly qualified leads to your agency.

You can learn more about Rnked, by going to rnked.com. If you're interested in getting highly qualified traffic and leads, visit the agency sponsorship page for more details.

The team at Rnked is excited for these most recent changes. We know this just one of many more steps as we passionately pursue our goal of making life easier for Marketing and Advertising agencies.

Thank you from all of us at Rnked.

In service,

Michael Koehler
Founder & Director